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Legal statement

This website is jointly managed by KKT and kylin.

Before using the information on this website, please read the following terms of use carefully. When you browse and use this website, you agree and accept this legal statement.

1. Copyright and trademark

All content (documents, photos, illustrations, pictures, charts, videos, audio files and programs, etc.) on this website are owned or legally authorized by kktw and protected by copyright, trademark right or relevant laws. It is prohibited by law to use the content of this website without the permission of kktw. In addition, if you want to use the whole or part of the contents of this website for reproduction or publication in magazines, books, printed matter, web pages, CDs or other storage media, you should obtain written consent from kktw.

2. Website links

Kktw does not guarantee the content obtained from the links of this website or the third-party websites with which the links are established, and kktw shall not be liable for any loss caused by the links of such third-party websites. Please read the legal notice of the third party website carefully before using the information of the third party website.

If you need to link this website to other websites, please contact kktw, and provide the subject of the link, the purpose of the link, the URL of the link page, and obtain kktw's written permission.

Please do not use kktw's trademark on the linked website. Kktw will not be liable for the content of the linked website.

3. Uncommitted matters

All the information provided in this website is for academic reference only. Kktw does not undertake any guarantee liability for the accuracy and completeness of the relevant information, and does not make any relevant statement, promise or guarantee.

Kktw has the right to correct or delete the information on this website at any time, and may suspend or discontinue the release of relevant information due to relevant reasonable reasons and other force majeure reasons.

Kktw does not undertake any responsibility for any problems, losses or damages caused by the correction, suspension or non continuation of the information on this website.

4. Privacy statement

Kktw will protect users in accordance with the privacy terms published on this website.

5. User questions

Kktw has no obligation to reply to e-mail or this webpage form.

Do not send confidential information because the content, options or suggestions sent by e-mail may not be encrypted. Kktw is not responsible for such confidential information.

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